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Massive and water-rich planets should be ubiquitous in the universe. Many of those worlds are expected to be subject to important irradiation from their host star, and display supercritical water layers surrounded by extended steam atmospheres.

The available models of global climate evolution in habitable earthlike planets do not consider the effect of salt content in oceans, which affects water evaporation.

With radii ranging between those of the Earth (1 Rearth) and Neptune (~3.9 Rearth), small planets constitute more than half of the inventory of the 4000-plus exoplanets discovered so far.

Terrestrial planets covered globally with thick oceans (termed ocean planets) in the habitable zone were previously inferred to have extremely hot climates in most cases.

We study ocean exoplanets, for which the global surface ocean is separated from the rocky interior by a high-pressure ice mantle.

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