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From Cavewalking To Spacewalking

It might not be obvious, but there are many similarities between working deep underground and in outer space.

An international team of six astronauts from China, Japan, USA, Spain and Russia will descend into the caves of Sardinia, Italy, to explore the depths and train for life in outer space.

ESA's CAVES: Going Underground

ESA's CAVES training programme began its second phase last Friday as six astronauts ventured into the Sardinian caves in Italy that are their home this week. CAVES mimics elements of spaceflight to prepare astronauts and trainers for the real thing.

Using Caves To Simulate Space Missions

Video: ESA Astronaut Cave Crew Returns to Earth

"Take five astronauts and instead of sending them into space take them underground. ESA's CAVES venture prepares astronauts to work in an international team under real exploration conditions. The latest 'crew' has returned after six days in the dark."

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