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Chang'e 5 View of Earth and the Moon

"At 16 o'clock on November 9, the service module carrying the camera in 540,000 km from Earth, at a distance of 920,000 kilometers moon shot clear of the Earth-Moon photo images." 11月9日16时,服务舱携带的相机在距离地球54万公里、距离月球92万公里处拍摄了清晰的地月合影图像。

The Active Particle-induced X-ray Spectrometer (APXS), carried by the Yutu rover of the Chang'e-3 satellite got its first X-ray fluorescence spectrum of lunar regolith around the landing site on December 25, 2013.

Video of Chang'e-3 Descent and Landing

This video shows the descent and landing of China's Chang'e-3 on the Moon yesterday.

Update: The Yutu rover has been deployed and is driving on the lunar surface.

When China's Chang'e-3 makes a soft landing on the Moon on 14 December, ESA tracking stations will record crucial radio signals.

China's Chang'e-2 spacecraft did a flyby of asteroid Toutatis yesterday. Higher resolution images will be released shortly. Image source: CNSA

Shenzhou-9 Lands Safely

China is celebrating the safe return of three astronauts, who successfully completed a mission that included the country's first manual docking in space and the first Chinese woman astronaut. Live television images of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft's return were broadcast around China Friday.

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