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This Week at NASA Recap

With the shortened work week This Week at NASA is a recap of events from the previous week through July 2nd. Onboard the International Space Station, Expedition 31 Commander Oleg Kononenko handed over the reins of the orbiting outpost to cosmonaut Gennady Padalka. The start of Padalka's tenure as the lead of Expedition 32 makes him the first three-time commander of the station.

On This Week at NASA we have the following stories: The International Space Station and its benefit to science as the world's only laboratory in microgravity is highlighted on Capitol Hill. Also, NASA administrator Charles Bolden Finds NEEMO; JPL has its annual Open House; Cleveland HUBZone; African Cosmos; Aerospace Scholars; NASA Now Emmy; SOI; and more!

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Deputy Administrator Lori Garver will provide remarks next week at the 28th Annual National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo. The event will be held at The Broadmoor Hotel, located at 1 Lake Ave. in Colorado Springs.

NASA Administrator Keynotes Astronomers

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden gave the keynote address at the 215th American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting held in Washington, DC. With some 3,500 in attendance and more than 2,200 scientific presentations this is the largest astronomy meeting in history. Some of the topics discussed at this year's event include black holes, exoplanets, exploding stars and pulsars.

NASA's Second Chance

Charlie Bolden is no stranger to space exploration but he is a newbie in the Administrator's suite and the strange ecology of Washington, DC interactions that the job entails. His first three days on the job have been abnormal with all the Apollo hoopla swirling through everyone's heads. Most of the time it is going to be far less glamorous.

This evening the Senate voted to confirm Charles Bolden as NASA Administrator and Lori Garver as Deputy NASA Administrator by unanimous consent. The request was made on the Senate floor by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL).
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