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On January 31, 2017, NASA observed its annual Day of Remembrance to commemorate the crews of Apollo 1, and space shuttles Challenger and Columbia, as well as other members of the NASA family who lost their lives furthering the cause of exploration. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the accidental fire, that occurred inside an Apollo spacecraft on the launch pad at Cape Kennedy, that tragically claimed the lives of Apollo 1 astronauts, Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee.

NASA Observes Day of Remembrance

As part of NASA's Day of Remembrance on the 30th anniversary of the Challenger accident, Thursday, January 28, 2016, at Arlington National Cemetery.

Today, NASA and our nation take a step toward the future by honoring our past.

Day of Remembrance

Sent by SpaceRef editor Keith Cowing: Arlington Memorials - right now. Remember. #AdAstra #51l #STS107 #Apollo1.

The Astronauts Memorial Foundation hosts Day or Remembrance program at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida on Feb 1, 2013.

Ten years ago, seven brave astronauts gave their lives in the name of exploration when America's first flight-ready space shuttle, Columbia, failed to return safely to Earth. Each year, on NASA's Day of Remembrance, we honor the crew of that Columbia flight, as well as those of Challenger and Apollo 1, and all the members of the NASA family who gave their lives in the pursuit of expanding our Nation's horizons in space-a cause worthy of their sacrifice and one we must never forget.

It took 7-years to make the documentary. We did it by raising a little money here, borrowing a little more money there, and a lot of love and un-reimbursed time from the director. Now the final challenge is to get it on television before millions.

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