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The Himalayas separating China from India and Nepal are pictured from the International Space Station as it orbited 263 miles above northern Pakistan.

The Himalayas As Seen From Orbit

The photograph looks across India, the Himalayas, and into China as the International Space Station orbited 264 miles above. A waxing gibbous Moon is pictured above the Earth's horizon.

An Astronaut's View of the Himalayas

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station shot this oblique photograph of Mount Everest, Earth's tallest mountain (when measured from sea level).

Himalayas in Pakistan As Seen From Orbit

The International Space Station was orbiting 253 miles above northern Pakistan when this photograph was taken of a portion of the Himalayan mountain range.

Mount Makalu in the Himalayas is pictured in this Copernicus Sentinel-2B image from 9 December 2017.

This image of the Himalayas, Indo-Gangetic plain, and Tibetan Plateau was taken on 13 October 2016 at 07:16:51 GMT.

An Orbital View of the Himalayas

Tim Peake: Must be about time for another pic of the Himalayas! Credits: ESA/NASA Larger image

Tim Peake: Evening sun lighting up this Himalayan lake Credits: ESA/NASA Larger image

The Real Everest Seen From Orbit

Tim Peake: The real thing: found Everest! Last picture turned out to be third-tallest mountain Kanchengjunga Larger image

A moonlit pass-by of Delhi and the Himalayas Credits: ESA/NASA Larger image

Tim Peake @Astro_TimPeake Himalayan valley under a Full Moon As Seen From The Space Station Credits: ESA/NASA Larger image

A Morning View of the Himalayas From Orbit

Tim Peake ‏@astro_timpeake Stunning pass over the Himalayas this morning #Principia Larger image

An international team of scientists has discovered the first oceanic microplate in the Indian Ocean--helping identify when the initial collision between India and Eurasia occurred, leading to the birth of the Himalayas.

@StationCDRKelly #Himalayas in #EarthArt form look a bit like funnel cake. #YearInSpace

Soaring, snow-capped peaks and ridges of the eastern Himalaya Mountains create an irregular white-on-red patchwork between major rivers in southwestern China.

Staring at The Himalayas From Orbit

@StationCDRKelly #Himalayas. What icy veins you have. #YearInSpace

This Envisat image captures Asia's diverse topography, altitude and climate with the snow-sprinkled Himalayan Mountains marking the barrier between the peaks of the Tibetan Plateau (top) in Central Asia and the plains of Nepal, Buthan and India in the Indian subcontinent.

This photo was taken by the Expedition 8 crew aboard the International Space Station on 25 November 2003. It shows hazing conditions over the pan-Himalayas in Nepal.

Sam Cristoforetti @AstroSamantha Shades of blue in the #Himalaya. Sfumature di blu nell'Himalaya. #ColorsOfTheEarth

Sam Cristoforetti ‏@AstroSamantha Flying over the Himalaya and looking down onto #Katmandu valley. Impressive view! #HelloEarth

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