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Inside KSC this week, stacking continues for the Crew Access Tower at SLC-41 and one of the umbilical arms for the Mobile Launcher arrives at Kennedy's Launch Equipment Test Facility.

Inside KSC for February 13, 2015

DSCOVR launches this week to headline events Inside KSC! The launch of the NOAA spacecraft was the third of 2015 for Kennedy teams, including CRS-5 and SMAP. Safety and Health Week is personal this year and the Tour de KSC bicyle ride is coming up.

NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has released its latest Inside KSC video feature. This weeks video takes a look at some of KSC's upcoming missions including the Cargo Resupply mission by SpaceX, the SMAP and DSCOVR launches and the MMS mission.

NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has released what could be a new regular video feature called Inside KSC. It appears to be a complementary product to the September edition of the KSC Spaceport Magazine.

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