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Orbital View Of Flooding in Southern Iran

Heavy rainfall has triggered flooding in southern Iran, particularly in the Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan and Kerman provinces.

Earth from Space: Musa Bay, Iran

Iran's Musa Bay on the northern end of the Persian Gulf is pictured in this image from the Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite on 13 January 2017.

Earth from Space: Northeast Iran

The Sentinel-2A satellite takes us over to northeastern Iran, the second largest country in the Middle East. A dryland area, most of Iran's territory is classified as arid and semi-arid, about half of which is characterised by rangeland, barren land and mountains.

To the west we can see the waters of the Strait of Hormuz, which lies betweenthe Gulf of Oman to the south and Persian Gulf to the north. The brown areas along the coast are sediments carried from rivers that flow only after erratic rainfall in the interior, usually in the winter months.

Earth From Space: Southwest Iran

This colourful radar composite image shows changes in large-scale agricultural plots in southwest Iran.

Two Russian cosmonauts clad in Orlan spacesuits conducted an out-of-this-world hand-off of the Olympic torch at the start of Saturday's 5-hour, 50-minute spacewalk to perform maintenance on the International Space Station.

Iran Sends a Monkey into Space

According to Iran state media, Iran launched a suborbital rocket last week with a monkey onboard and recovered the capsule a short time later with the monkey still alive. The space capsule was code-named Pishgam (Pioneer).

Iran has publicly said it plans to send a human into space by 2019. Up until now we had not seen an image of what an Iranian manned spacecraft might look like. However at the 63rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Naples, Iran had a poster on display with a spacecraft on it. Is this the future Iranian manned spacecraft?

Iran Space Program Update

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