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The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over part of the Great Rift Valley, Kenya.

The International Space Station was orbiting 269 miles above the Indian Ocean southwest of Australia when this nighttime photograph was taken of the aurora australis, or "southern lights."

Earth from Space: Nairobi, Kenya

The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over Nairobi, one of the fastest growing cities in East Africa.

Aurora Australis

One of the Expedition 40 crew members aboard the International Space Station recorded this colorful image of Aurora Australis on July 15, 2014.

This isn't someone's frame grab of a decorative Halloween scene, although it was photographed on Halloween eve.

Aurora Australis As Seen From the ISS

The Expedition 32 crew onboard the International Space Station, flying an altitude of approximately 240 miles, recorded a series of images of Aurora Australis, also known as the Southern Lights, on July 15.

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