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Manicouagan Crater Seen From Orbit

The Manicouagan Crater in Quebec, Canada, is a favorite photographic landmark for astronauts which is near the height of the International Space Station's orbital trek of 51.6 degrees

Manicouagan Crater Viewed From Orbit

The International Space Station was orbiting 258 miles above Canada when an Expedition 59 crew member photographed Manicouagan Crater (right center) and the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.

This false-colour image featuring the Manicouagan Crater was captured by the Sentinel-1A satellite on 21 March. Carved out by an asteroid strike some 214 million years ago, this crater in Quebec, Canada is known to be one of the oldest and largest impact craters on the planet. Experts believe that glaciers have since played a large part in its erosion.

One of the Expedition 38 crew members aboard the ISS recorded this image which features the Manicouagan Crater and reservoir located primarily in Manicouagan Regional County Municipality in the Cote-Nord region of Quebec, Canada.

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