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It was, to say the least, the most exciting of the Space Elevator Games to date, and what's more, NASA now has to write a check in the amount of $900,000 to Lasermotive of Seattle for winning the 1st level prize.

Lasermotive of Seattle on Friday tried to win an additional $1.1 million in prize money after already winning at least a share of the level 1 prize money of $900,000 earlier this week, but their last climb attempt ran into technical issues and they called it quits for the competition.

The Kansas City Space Pirates are the lone remaining team with an opportunity this afternoon to try and win some prize money after the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team (USST) failed to win anything earlier today.

If the Kansas City Space Pirates can't qualify for prize money on their last attempt then Lasermotive will win the $900,000 level 1 prize outright.

USST Fails to Win Prize Money

Early this morning University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team (USST) had one last chance to get in the prize money. After a series of technical issues it was hoped they would put in a good climb this morning. Unfortunately it was not meant to be. They could not solve technical issues and are done for the competition.

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2009 Space Elevator Games Underway

The 2009 Space Elevator Games underway with the Kansas City Pirates the first team to compete this morning. Unfortunately their morning effort did not qualify them for any of the prizes.

This afternoon the team out of Seattle, Lasermotive is attempting to get some prize money. You can watch the event live.

Here's a story from AP on this morning's try by the Kansas City Space Pirates.

- Laser-powered elevator to space hits some snags, AP

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