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The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) has released Space Policies, Issues and Trends in 2015-16 report, its annual report. The report provides their continued assessment of the space economy and global space policies.

Now available is the November 2, 2016 NASA Future In-Space Operations (FISO) telecon material. The speaker was Brian Weeden (Secure World Foundation) who presented "A Primer on Public Policy, Why it's Important for Space Activities, and Current Hot Policy Topics."

Space advocacy groups have existed for more than four decades. While all of these groups are supportive of space exploration, they all have their own unique preferences - and differences.

The following article is a free sample from the current issue of Space Quarterly Magazine. It is our hope that if you enjoy this article you will consider subscribing to the magazine.

The latest edition of Space Quarterly magazine is now available. Highlights of our U.S. edition include a look at the Democratic and Republican space polices leading up to the election along with what budget cuts mean for NASA's flagship programs.

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