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Like two galaxies swirling near each other, this nighttime shot from the International Space Station shows the well-lit cities (from left) of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland and their surrounding suburbs.

Washington, DC As Seen From Orbit

A.J. (Drew) Feustel @Astro_Feustel Wonderful to see the nation's capital on a clear day! A single image steeped in so much history and potential. Happy Independence Day! #FourthofJuly2018 Larger image

Earth from Space: Washington, DC

Sentinel-2 takes us over the US capital city of Washington DC, nestled between the states of Maryland and Virginia.

NASA Astronauts @NASA_Astronauts "#Baltimore reaching toward #WashingtonDC. They look like #yellow #spiderwebs with #blue water droplets" #AstroButch

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