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The year 2020 played host to an uncharacteristically large number of natural disasters. The year began with large wildfires in the Amazon rainforest and Australia.

NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP or S-NPP satellite passed over the Philippine Sea in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and found Typhoon Kammuri's eye obscured.

Typhoon Halong Viewed From Orbit

Typhoon Halong has packed quite a punch and imagery from NASA's Terra satellite found that the storm resembled a boxing glove.

Super typhoon Hagibis formed quickly over the weekend of Oct. 5 and 6.

Typhoon Maria Seen From Space

Composite image of typhoon Maria, approaching the East coast of China, from 00:00 UTC on Wednesday, 11 July 2018.

When Typhoon Lan made landfall in Japan on Oct. 22, the Global Precipitation Measurement mission core satellite or GPM analyzed the storm and added up the high rainfall that it generated.

NASA's Aqua satellite passed over Typhoon Goni after it moved out of the East China Sea and north into the Sea of Japan.

Typhoon Soudelor dropped over two feet of rainfall when it made landfall in China in early August, and soaked Taiwan. NASA estimated that rainfall using data from the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission.

Typhoon Soudelor Seen From Orbit

Typhoon Soudelor photographed from the International Space Station on Aug. 5, 2015 while the storm was traveling in the western Pacific.

Six Pacific Storms Seen From Orbit

This composite image from 12:00 (UTC) today shows the string of six tropical cyclones currently affecting the Pacific, an unusually high number on a given day.

This close up of the huge Typhoon Maysak eye of the category 5 (hurricane status on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale) was captured by astronauts on board the International Space Station Mar. 31, 2015.

@astro_reid (Reid Wiseman ‏) Oct 9 #SuperTyphoon #Vongfang - I've seen many from here, but none like this.

Super-Typhoon Haiyan was lashing the central and southern Philippines on Nov. 7 bringing maximum sustained winds of a Category 5 hurricane. NASA is providing visible, infrared and microwave satellite data to forecasters and warnings are in effect for the Philippines and Micronesia as Haiyan moves west.

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