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Landsat 8 Marks Five Years in Orbit

In its five years in space, the Landsat 8 Earth-observing satellite has racked up some impressive statistics: 26,500 orbits around the planet, 1.1 million "scenes" captured, a motherlode of images that represents 16 percent of all the observations in the 45-year Landsat archive.

Earth From Space: Dead Sea, Middle East

This image from the Landsat-8 satellite brings us over part of the Middle East, with the Jordan Rift Valley running north to south.

Although Japan's Sakura-jima Volcano is one of the most active in the world, it rarely makes headlines. One or two small explosions typically occur every few days, with effects no greater than a light dusting of ash in the surrounding cities.

A Better Eye on Reefs

Landsat 8 takes a look at Princess Charlotte Bay, Australia, where reefs, river plumes, and sandy islands test the satellite's ability to observe the intersection of land and sea.

Just the mention of kidney stones can cause a person to cringe. They are often painful and sometimes difficult to remove, and 10 percent of the population will suffer from them. In space, the risk of developing kidney stones is exacerbated due to environmental conditions. The health risk is compounded by the fact that resource limitations and distance from Earth could restrict treatment options.

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