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There are cures for what ails the aerospace workforce, where prospects for future growth are not robust: First and foremost is better communication - to the public, about the benefits of aerospace to society, and to young professionals, about a future vision for the nation's aerospace enterprise.

Additive manufacturing will allow companies to reduce their parts production time-line from "a couple of months and weeks to a couple of weeks and days," creating tremendous cost savings for companies that can leverage the technology, said Greg Morris, manager of additive manufacturing and business development at GE Aviation.

Global warming and pollution, world population growth, rising demand for energy, and expanding urban areas that need increasingly complex transportation networks - all are fueling demand for a new generation of clean energy fuels, pollution control technology, and smarter vehicles.

Solar energy is on the rise in the U.S. and on track toward fulfilling more of our energy needs, but considerable barriers remain: So said participants in a panel discussion, "Advanced Terrestrial Energy Technologies: Generation, Storage, Distribution," at AIAA's Propulsion & Energy Forum in Cleveland.

Much like an architect can design the Parthenon or the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, so can an architect design a resilient system or one that breaks under strain.

After a long day of plenaries and technical sessions there was one last event in the evening for participants at this years AIAA Propulsion and Energy Conference, the Town Hall with a theme of "Where's MY Apollo Vision for the Future?"

Three separate panels hailed the "relevance of technology" as the key to compressing the technology's development and transition timeline. The panels took place at AIAA's Propulsion and Energy Forum in Cleveland, Ohio.

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