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On July 12, 2017, Moon Express unveiled its exploration architecture, including plans to establish the world's first permanent lunar outpost at the South Pole of the Moon by 2020.

For the first time in the history of space travel, a private enterprise will leave this world to explore another

Moon Express, Inc. (MoonEx) announced today that it has reached an agreement with the U.S. Air Force 45th Wing to license the historic Space Launch Complexes 17 and 18 at Cape Canaveral for its lunar lander development and flight test operations.

Yesterday Moon Express became the first Google Lunar XPRIZE participant to sign a launch contract with a launch service provider, albeit one who has yet to launch a rocket.

Moon Express, Inc., a privately funded lunar resources company, unveiled its "MX-1" lunar lander spacecraft today as a breakthrough robotic space vehicle capable of a multitude of applications including delivering scientific and commercial payloads to the Moon at a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches.

Moon Express, a commercial lunar enterprise, announces a successful free flight test of its lunar lander software on NASA's "Mighty Eagle" prototype robotic lander.

The AIAA has released the following video, Space Entrepreneurs Panel, from their recent Space 2012 conference. The theme of the panel as per the program was: "... What makes a space entrepreneur and the road they take to success. What paths are space entrepreneur's taking to develop a new frontier? What are their concepts for future space business? What are their vehicles and or capabilities they are creating? Will they be able to succeed in developing businesses of the future?"

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