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Ad Astra Rocket Company reports two important advances with its VX-200 high power VASIMR(R) engine prototype: 1) a significant increase in its high power performance over previous test data obtained in late 2010, and 2) demonstration of the VASIMR(R)-unique feature called "Constant Power Throttling" (CPT).

Space Propulsion Group, Inc. (SPG) today successfully completed a major technology development test of its 22-inch-diameter, Liquid Oxygen/paraffin-based advanced hybrid rocket motor. This cutting-edge hybrid propulsion technology has practical applications for numerous space-related industries, including transportation, defense, suborbital research and tourism.

XCOR's innovative piston pump technology took a ride from Roswell, NM to Mojave, CA in April 2012. "We debated how best to put many hours of wear time on the critical bearing components of our rocket propellant piston pump, that are subject to significant wear and tear," said Dan DeLong, XCOR Chief Engineer."

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