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Prospecting the Solar System

What was once in the realm of science fiction is slowly transitioning to reality. A reality that has many challenges ahead before any reward, let alone, the creation of a sustaining industry. That industry is the exploitation of resources of the near-earth vicinity including the moon and asteroids.

The James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University hosted a panel discussion on the need for a definitive space policy. The expert panel reviewed the present status and future of NASA and the U.S. civil space program with respect to space policy.

Dennis WIngo: I am reading with wry interest the plethora of articles regarding the need for a new space policy. In doing some house cleaning this past weekend I stumbled upon an information packet put out by the National Space Society in the summer of 1988.

The latest edition of Space Quarterly magazine is new available. Highlights of our U.S. edition include a look at the Democratic and Republican space polices leading up to the election along with what budget cuts mean for NASA's flagship programs.

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