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Earth From Space: Mumbai, India

The western Indian city of Mumbai is pictured in this image from Japan's ALOS satellite.

Earth From Space: Lake County, Oregon

This image from Sentinel-1A was acquired over the Lake County in the US state of Oregon on 17 July. Even though the northwestern United States receives plenty of rainfall, the 'high desert region' east of the Cascade Mountain Range is fairly dry. Most crops require irrigation, such as the circles visible in this image from a centre pivot irrigation system.

Earth From Space: Southern Darfur, Sudan

This image from Korea's Kompsat-2 satellite on 8 February 2013 shows an area in the southern Darfur region of Sudan, just south of the city of Nyala.

Earth From Space: Attica Peninsula, Greece

Greece's Attica peninsula, with the capital and largest city of Athens appearing bright white near the centre, is captured in this radar image from Sentinel-1A on 22 April.

Earth from Space: Helsinki, Finland

This image acquired by Japan's ALOS satellite on 28 June 2009 shows Finland's capital and largest city, Helsinki (upper right), on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.

Earth from Space: Lake Chad

This Landsat-8 image from 4 July 2014 shows Lake Chad in West Africa's Sahel region - a transition zone between the Sahara Desert to the north and savannahs and woodlands to the south.

Earth from Space: Cal Madow, Somalia

Northern Somalia's Cal Madow mountain range is pictured in this image from Japan's ALOS satellite.

Earth From Space: Mexico City

This week's satellite image was acquired over the eastern part of Mexico City. The area pictured lies within central Mexico's highlands plateau called the Valley of Mexico.

Guanabara Bay in southeast Brazil is pictured in this image from the Sentinel-1A satellite. The city of Rio de Janeiro lies on the western banks of the bay and along the Atlantic coast to the south. Rio is connected to the city of NiterĂ³i on the east side of the bay by a large bridge which appears as a dotted straight line. To the north, we can see radar reflections from large ships.

This image from the Sentinel-1A radar satellite on 6 June shows part of the Philippine island of Luzon with Mount Pinatubo.

To the west we can see the waters of the Strait of Hormuz, which lies betweenthe Gulf of Oman to the south and Persian Gulf to the north. The brown areas along the coast are sediments carried from rivers that flow only after erratic rainfall in the interior, usually in the winter months.

In this special edition, Nils Olsen from DTU Space joins the show to discuss the latest measurements of Earth's magnetic field and changes observed over the last six months by ESA's Swarm mission.

Earth from Space: UK Climate Change

In this special edition, David Parker, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, and Christopher Merchant from the University of Reading and science leader of the Climate Change Initiative's sea-surface temperature project, join the show to discuss climate research in the UK.

Earth From Space: Where is it?

This video features some spectacular imagery from Earth-observing satellites. From this perspective, even some of the most familiar places can be difficult to recognize. Can you place these images on a map?

Earth from Space: Lake Constance

The freshwater Lake Constance in Central Europe is pictured in this image from the Sentinel-1A satellite.

This satellite image shows an area 13 km east of the city of Mafraq in northern Jordan. Sitting geologically between the Syrian Desert and volcanic Hauran plateau, the area experiences a desert climate.

Earth from Space: Tropical Snow

The snow-capped mountains running through the centre of this satellite image are part of the Cordillera Blanca - or 'white range' - in South America's Andes.

This image over the west coast of the Netherlands is one of the early radar scans by the Sentinel-1A satellite, which was launched on 3 April.

Earth from Space: Cento, Italy

Hundreds of fields speckle the northern Italian landscape south of the Po River in this satellite image.

On April 3rd, Sentinel-1 will be launched from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana on a Soyuz launcher. The radar mission is the first of the Copernicus programme, providing an all-weather, day-and-night supply of imagery for Copernicus user services.

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