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Suzuku Studies Supernova Crime Scene Shows Single White Dwarf to Blame The city of Irkutsk (centre left) and part of Lake Baikal (right) are pictured in this Sentinel-1A image over Russia's Siberia region.

Earth From Space: São Miguel, Azores

This image from over the Azores island of São Miguel features a volcanic complex called the Sete Cidades Massif. The circular crater or caldera dominates the image and measures about 5 km across. The interior has lakes, volcanic cones, lava domes and maars - or shallow, flooded craters.

Earth From Space: Hungary

This image of Hungary, with the political border in white, is a mosaic of 11 scans by Sentinel-1A's radar from October to December 2014. The scans were recorded in 'dual polarisation' horizontal and vertical radar pulses, from which the artificial colour composite was generated.

Earth From Space: Brussels, Belgium

This false-colour image from the Spot-5 satellite was acquired on 28 September 2011 over central Belgium, capturing the capital city of Brussels (left).

Earth From Space: Estonia

The Baltic country of Estonia - with the political borders in white - is pictured in this mosaic of eight scans by Sentinel-1A's radar from October to December 2014. The scans were recorded in 'dual polarisation' horizontal and vertical radar pulses, from which the artificial colour composite was generated.

This image from the Landsat-8 satellite acquired on 23 September 2014 brings us over the southwest United States: Nevada and Arizona. Las Vegas with its grid-like urban plan is visible near the centre. Sitting in a basin of the Mojave Desert, the city is surrounded by a number of mountain ranges.

Earth From Space: Lisbon, Portugal

This image from Sentinel-1A's radar shows the metropolitan area of Portugal's capital, Lisbon. Flowing in from the upper-right corner is the Tagus River. Originating in central Spain, the Tagus is the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula, stretching over 1000 km. The river flows west through Portugal, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at Lisbon.

Earth From Space: Corsica

The Mediterranean Sea's most mountainous island, Corsica, dominates this image from the Landsat-8 satellite. About 40% of the island's surface area is dedicated to nature reserves, and its mountains are a popular destination for hiking. For beachgoers, the island boasts over 1000 km of coastline.

Parts of the Swiss and Italian Alps are pictured in this satellite image. Extending some 1200 km through central Europe, the Alps occupy an area of about 200 000 sq km and are inhabited by some 20 million people.

Earth From Space: The Great Bahamas Bank

Underwater structures of the Great Bahamas Bank are pictured in this image from the Landsat-8 satellite on 5 February. Sitting north of Cuba, the bank is made of limestone - mainly from the skeletal fragments of marine organisms - that has been accumulating for over 100 million years.

Earth From Space: South Kalimantan, Borneo

This image from Japan's ALOS satellite was captured over part of southern Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia.

Earth From Space: Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru

This image features Peru's Quelccaya ice cap, the largest in the Tropics. Resting high up in the Cordillera Oriental of the Peruvian Andes, the ice cap has been shrinking due to rising temperatures in the region, losing over 20% of its area since the 1970s.

Earth From Space: Tokyo Bay, Japan

This image from Sentinel-1A's radar on 11 July shows Tokyo Bay in Japan. Tokyo's centre lies mainly south of the Arakawa River. Other visible rivers on this image are the Edo River to its north and the Tama River just to its south, with all three streaming into Tokyo Bay. At the mouth of the Tama River we can see the runways of Haneda Airport.

Earth From Space: Dead Sea, Middle East

This image from the Landsat-8 satellite brings us over part of the Middle East, with the Jordan Rift Valley running north to south.

Egmont National Park on New Zealand's North Island is pictured in this satellite image.

Earth From Space: Mumbai, India

The western Indian city of Mumbai is pictured in this image from Japan's ALOS satellite.

Earth From Space: Lake County, Oregon

This image from Sentinel-1A was acquired over the Lake County in the US state of Oregon on 17 July. Even though the northwestern United States receives plenty of rainfall, the 'high desert region' east of the Cascade Mountain Range is fairly dry. Most crops require irrigation, such as the circles visible in this image from a centre pivot irrigation system.

Earth From Space: Southern Darfur, Sudan

This image from Korea's Kompsat-2 satellite on 8 February 2013 shows an area in the southern Darfur region of Sudan, just south of the city of Nyala.

Earth From Space: Attica Peninsula, Greece

Greece's Attica peninsula, with the capital and largest city of Athens appearing bright white near the centre, is captured in this radar image from Sentinel-1A on 22 April.

Earth from Space: Helsinki, Finland

This image acquired by Japan's ALOS satellite on 28 June 2009 shows Finland's capital and largest city, Helsinki (upper right), on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.

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