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Earth from Space: Avezzano, Italy

This Sentinel-2A false colour image shows agricultural structures in the Abruzzo region of central Italy.

This spectacular image captured by Sentinel-2A on 13 July features Lake Amadeus, in Australia's Northern Territory.

Earth From Space: Northern Italy

Lakes on the southern side of the Italian Alps are pictured in this early acquisition by the Sentinel-2A satellite.

This image from Sentinel-1A's radar captures part of Germany's state of Bavaria, with the city of Munich on the right and Augsburg at the centre.

Earth From Space: New York City

This satellite image covers part of New York City, including the island of Manhattan at the centre, the Brooklyn and Queens boroughs on the right and the Bronx along the top-right.

Earth From Space: Central Algeria

The sandy and rocky terrain of the Sahara desert in central Algeria was captured in this image by the Sentinel-2A satellite.

This image over part of the Italian island of Sardinia comes from the very first acquisition by the Sentinel-2A satellite.

Earth From Space: Central California

This image captured by Sentinel-1A's radar on 1 April 2015 shows a central region of California in the US. The San Andreas Fault - the border between two tectonic plates - is visible as a somewhat straight line running from the upper-left corner of the image to the bottom centre.

The Landsat-8 satellite captured this image of the San Francisco Bay Area in the US state of California on 5 March 2015.

This image from Sentinel-1A's radar brings us over Indonesia's Central Kalimantan province on the island of Borneo.

Earth From Space: Tianjin, China

The Chinese city of Tianjin is captured in this Sentinel-1A radar image created by combining three scans over several months.

Earth from Space: Cambodian Rivers

A flooded landscape in Cambodia between the Mekong River (right) and Tonl Sap river (left) is pictured by Japan's ALOS satellite. The centre of this image is about 30 km north of the centre of the country's capital, Phnom Penh.

This radar image captures part of Catalonia in northeastern Spain including the city of Barcelona (right), the site of one of Europe's principal seaports.

The northeast coast of South Georgia Island in the southern Atlantic Ocean is pictured in this satellite image. Clouds, however, block our view of its southwestern coast.

Earth From Space: Florida

Part of the US state of Florida is pictured in this image from the Sentinel-1A satellite. The peninsula sits between the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The large body of water at the top of the image is the freshwater Lake Okeechobee. Covering about 1900 sq km, the lake is very shallow with a maximum depth of about 4 m.

Part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field - the world's second largest contiguous extrapolar ice field - and two lakes are pictured in this image of Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park.

Suzuku Studies Supernova Crime Scene Shows Single White Dwarf to Blame The city of Irkutsk (centre left) and part of Lake Baikal (right) are pictured in this Sentinel-1A image over Russia's Siberia region.

Earth From Space: São Miguel, Azores

This image from over the Azores island of São Miguel features a volcanic complex called the Sete Cidades Massif. The circular crater or caldera dominates the image and measures about 5 km across. The interior has lakes, volcanic cones, lava domes and maars - or shallow, flooded craters.

Earth From Space: Hungary

This image of Hungary, with the political border in white, is a mosaic of 11 scans by Sentinel-1A's radar from October to December 2014. The scans were recorded in 'dual polarisation' horizontal and vertical radar pulses, from which the artificial colour composite was generated.

Earth From Space: Brussels, Belgium

This false-colour image from the Spot-5 satellite was acquired on 28 September 2011 over central Belgium, capturing the capital city of Brussels (left).

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