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Expedition 43 Flight Engineer Samantha Cristoforetti took a series of photographs of the March 20, 2015 solar eclipse from the International Space Station.

Air was pumped out of the International Space Station's air lock for the first time in the name of science last week.

From the International Space Station, European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti (@AstroSamantha) took this photograph of the island of Hawaii and posted it to social media on Feb. 28, 2015.

Sam Cristoforetti ‏@AstroSamantha Good night from #space. Buona notte dallo spazio.

In space Samantha Cristoforetti honors Leonard Nimoy/Spock by continuing the Vulcan science officer tradition on ISS. Imagery by Michael Okuda.

A Starfleet Tribute From Orbit

Sam Cristoforetti @AstroSamantha "Of all the souls I have encountered.. his was the most human." Thx @TheRealNimoy for bringing Spock to life for us.

Africa's Orange River As Seen From Orbit

Sam Cristoforetti @AstroSamantha Follow the Orange river into the ocean. It marks the border between #SouthAfrica and #Namibia. #HelloEarth

The Last ATV Reenters

ESA's fifth automated cargo ferry completed its mission to the International Space Station today when it reentered the atmosphere and burned up safely over an uninhabited area of the southern Pacific Ocean.

Looking Out At Earth's Horizon

Earth view taken by US Astronaut Terry Virts, Flight Engineer for Expedition 42 on the International Space Station Jan. 31, 2014.

NASA Astronauts @NASA_Astronauts "#Baltimore reaching toward #WashingtonDC. They look like #yellow #spiderwebs with #blue water droplets" #AstroButch

Seeing Enormous Cloud Shadows From Orbit

Terry W. Virts ‏@AstroTerry Feb 8 Enormous shadows cast hundreds of miles from these clouds

European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti took this photograph from the International Space Station and posted it to social media on Jan. 30, 2015.

Mars on Earth

@NASA_Astronauts "More beautiful Earth textures! It could almost be #Mars..." #AstroButch

Oleg Artemyev @OlegMKS Над #Африка #МКС (Over the #Africa #ISS) #BlueDot

African Deserts As Seen From Space

Bob Behnken @Chief_Astronaut - Our Earth's color palette is amazing! MT @NASA_Astronauts: "As far as the eye can see #Africa" #AstroButch

Next Monday, ESA astronaut Samantha Christoforetti will float into Europe's space ferry to install a special infrared camera, set to capture unique interior views of the spacecraft's break-up on reentry.

Moonglint Over Italy

This soft-focus image from the International Space Station during Expedition 37 shows the Elba-Follonica-Grosseto-Orbetello area of Italy at night, with moonglint on the surrounding waters.

Sam Cristoforetti‏ - @AstroSamantha - A barren African landscape #HelloEarth

Good night from #space!

@AstroSamantha: Good night from #space!

Moonrise From Orbit

@NASA_Astronauts "As far as you can see over the horizon. #Moonrising" #AstroButch

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