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After 196 days living and working in Earth's orbit aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy returned from his third space mission Wednesday, Oct. 21, with cosmonauts Ivan Vagner and Anatoly Ivanishin of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

On Board The S.S. Kalpana Chawla

Astronaut Chris Cassidy is pictured inside the S.S. Kalpana Chawla

Soyuz MS-16 Docked To The ISS

The Soyuz MS-16 crew ship is pictured docked to the International Space Station's Poisk module.

During her first mission to space and to the International Space Station, Kate Rubins became the first person to sequence DNA in space.

Orbital View Of Southeastern U.S. At Night

The night lights of the southeastern U.S. are pictured as the International Space Station orbited over the Gulf of Mexico.

The International Space Station was orbiting above North America when an Expedition 63 crew member, looking from northeast to southwest, photographed the Rocky Mountains running from Canada and into the United States.

Sunrise casts long shadows over a cloudy Philippine Sea as the International Space Station orbited off the coast of the Philippines northeast of Manila.

A new robotic prosthetic leg prototype offers a more natural gait while also being quieter and more energy efficient than other designs.

After a successful launch aboard the Japanese HTV9 cargo vehicle, a new experiment facility was recently installed in the European laboratory Columbus as part of a comprehensive upgrade of Europe's International Space Station module.

The sun's glint beams off the South Pacific coast of southern Chile's Laguna San Rafael National Park.

This composite image, made from six frames, shows the International Space Station, with a crew of five on board, in silhouette as it transits the Sun at roughly five miles per second, Wednesday, June 24, 2020, from Fredericksburg, Va.

Pulling that final zipper closed on a stuffed suitcase or getting the tailgate of a packed car shut is a true feeling of victory at the start of any road trip.

This month marks 25 years since scientists first produced a fifth state of matter, which has extraordinary properties totally unlike solids, liquids, gases and plasmas. The achievement garnered a Nobel Prize and changed physics.

This oblique view from the port side of the International Space Station's truss structure shows JAXA's (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and the Canadian Space Agency's (CSA) contribution to the orbiting lab.

JAXA's (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) H-II Transfer Vehicle-9 (HTV-9) is pictured after its capture and installation with the Canadarm2 robotic arm to the Harmony module following a five-day trip to the International Space Station.

When the Japanese HTV-9 cargo vehicle launches to the International Space Station on 20 May it will carry a part of Europe in its pressurised module.

As the International Space Station traveled towards the terminator, an astronaut shot this oblique photograph of a heavily clouded region near the northeastern coast of Brazil.

Organ-Chips as a Platform for Studying Effects of Space on Human Enteric Physiology (Gut on Chip) examines the effect of microgravity and other space-related stress factors on biotechnology company Emulate's human innervated Intestine-Chip (hiIC).

The SpaceX Dragon resupply ship is pictured approaching the International Space Station as both spacecraft were soaring 267 miles above the African nation of Namibia

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