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Jack Fischer @Astro2fish "Sometimes you look out the window and it just takes your breath away from how beautiful Earth is. Today is one of those times."

Orbital View Of Sunrise or Sunset?

Astronaut Jack Fisher: "We get to see 16 days & nights every 24 hours up here and that makes for a lot of pretty sunrises and sunsets."

There is nothing as refreshing as a breath of fresh air or cool glass of water. On Earth, an open window or turn of the tap provides those essential pleasures, but for NASA's deep space journeys, it will not be that easy.

Stem Cells Seem Speedier in Space

Growing significant numbers of human stem cells in a short time could lead to new treatments for stroke and other health issues.

Wherever you find people, you also find bacteria and other microorganisms. The International Space Station is no exception.

Astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer are getting ready for a contingency spacewalk Tuesday morning. Whitson and Fischer are set to begin the spacewalk at 8 a.m. Tuesday for about two hours of maintenance work.

Salads Growing In Space

Thomas Pesquet: Eat your greens kids! Fresh vegetables are rare on the International Space Station and when we get to harvest a crop of lettuce from our disco greenhouse it is a good day for us.

Thomas Pesquet: It's not a star shower, but sure looks like it! Flying at 28000 km/h allows us to see the starry sky parading before our eyes like a mobile in a children's room... except life-size ;)

Thomas Pesquet: Another long exposure picture: Our vehicles are unmoved by the passing city lights and star trails

Minimalist Snow Art Seen From Orbit

Thomas Pesquet: Minimalist snow art in Russia. I cannot explain these km-long paralel lines

Dr. Oscar Monje, a research scientist, packs a growing substrate called arcillite in the science carrier, or base, of the Advanced Plant Habitat (APH) inside a laboratory at the Space Station Processing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Keeping Liquids Off the Wall in Space

On Earth, liquid flows downhill thanks to gravity. Creating an effective liquid fuel tank involves little more than putting a hole at the bottom of a container.

Thomas Pesquet: A veil of clouds creeps ominously over a snowy plain. Not a poem for Sunday, but a common sight over Earth!

This is what a spacewalk is: 400km of void under your feet.

Looking Out Of Kibo's Airlock

Thomas Pesquet: From inside the International Space Station looking out: the Kibo airlock. Like standing on the highest diving board looking at a swimming pool 400 km down ...

Orbital Dinner Table

A view of our dinner table. Very roomy, as people can also float above! Other than the wall color, I couldn't have picked a nicer kitchen

Europe At Night As Seen From Orbit

A nighttime view of Western Europe is captured by crew members aboard the International Space Station.

Orbital Sunrise With Solar Array

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency captured this photograph from the International Space Station on Nov. 25, 2016, and shared it on social media.

A Thanksgiving Meal In Space

NASA astronaut Michael Hopkins, Expedition 38 flight engineer, poses for a photo with his Thanksgiving meal in the Unity node of the International Space Station in 2013.

Just five months into its two-year demonstration mission on the International Space Station, the first human-rated expandable habitat in low-Earth orbit is already returning valuable information about expandable technology performance and operations in space.

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