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Joseph M. Acaba @AstroAcaba "The future of our home is in all of our hands. May we all care for #Earth and practice good stewardship".

The International Space Station, with a crew of six onboard, is seen in silhouette as it transits the moon at roughly five miles per second on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018, from Alexandria, Va.

The Orbital ATK Cygnus resupply ship with its cymbal-ike UltraFlex solar arrays approaches the International Space Station s robotic arm Canadarm2 as both spacecraft fly into an orbital sunrise.

A Full Moon is a sight to behold on or off planet. ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli didn't miss the chance to photograph this one.

Pope Francis Talks To Space Station Crew

Pope Francis and Expedition 53 Crew Exchange Thoughts About Humanity's Deepest and Oldest Questions

NASA is exploring options with Bigelow Aerospace to extend the life of the privately owned Bigelow Expandable Activity Module.

The International Space Station is a marvel of modern science and engineering.

A new experiment set for an Aug. 14 launch to the International Space Station will provide an unprecedented look at a rain of particles from deep space, called cosmic rays, that constantly showers our planet.

Movie Night In Space

Jack Fischer ‏@Astro2fish "I didn't know if we could fit our whole crew for movie night, but we just needed more bungees and boom! Have a great weekend, everyone!"

Peggy Whitson @AstroPeggy "638 days in space and the view is still amazing! Soaking up some sunset time in the cupola."

Jack Fischer @Astro2fish "Sometimes you look out the window and it just takes your breath away from how beautiful Earth is. Today is one of those times."

Orbital View Of Sunrise or Sunset?

Astronaut Jack Fisher: "We get to see 16 days & nights every 24 hours up here and that makes for a lot of pretty sunrises and sunsets."

There is nothing as refreshing as a breath of fresh air or cool glass of water. On Earth, an open window or turn of the tap provides those essential pleasures, but for NASA's deep space journeys, it will not be that easy.

Stem Cells Seem Speedier in Space

Growing significant numbers of human stem cells in a short time could lead to new treatments for stroke and other health issues.

Wherever you find people, you also find bacteria and other microorganisms. The International Space Station is no exception.

Astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer are getting ready for a contingency spacewalk Tuesday morning. Whitson and Fischer are set to begin the spacewalk at 8 a.m. Tuesday for about two hours of maintenance work.

Salads Growing In Space

Thomas Pesquet: Eat your greens kids! Fresh vegetables are rare on the International Space Station and when we get to harvest a crop of lettuce from our disco greenhouse it is a good day for us.

Thomas Pesquet: It's not a star shower, but sure looks like it! Flying at 28000 km/h allows us to see the starry sky parading before our eyes like a mobile in a children's room... except life-size ;)

Thomas Pesquet: Another long exposure picture: Our vehicles are unmoved by the passing city lights and star trails

Minimalist Snow Art Seen From Orbit

Thomas Pesquet: Minimalist snow art in Russia. I cannot explain these km-long paralel lines

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