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At this location, a portion of the Cerberus Fossae seems to intersect with the edge of a lava flow or other feature nearly perpendicular to the fossae.

Dunes Inside Of Capen Crater On Mars

This observation gives us a nice view of dunes on the floor of Capen Crater, located in Terra Sabea.

Lava That Once Flowed On Mars

This image shows some beautiful lava flows in Amazonis Planitia.

The rover has racked up a series of accomplishments, including new distance records, as it reaches the end of the first of several planned science campaigns on the Red Planet.

This image shows a crater on the floor of Eos Chasma, part of the Valles Marineris canyon system.

Using carefully selected terrestrial rocks, engineers try to figure out how to work with crumbly rocks like the one the rover encountered on its first sampling attempt.

The sand dunes in Kaiser Crater are partially covered with seasonal carbon dioxide ice (dry ice) in this image.

On 15 September 2021, the EXI camera system onboard the EMM mission obtained a set of multispectral images of this fully illuminated hemisphere of Mars.

Strange Terrain Near Hale Crater On Mars

This image shows material almost completely filling an impact crater to the northeast of Hale Crater, perhaps water-rich ejecta from Hale itself.

Layered Deposits And Wind Ripples On Mars

These impact craters in the northern middle latitudes have interesting interiors: all of them have wind-blown (aeolian) ripples.

Curtin University researchers studying a Martian meteorite have found the first evidence of high-intensity damage caused by asteroid impact, in findings that have implications for understanding when conditions suitable for life may have existed on early Mars.

Rolling Stones On Mars

There's more to this image of Mars than first meets the eye: nestled in the detail of the cliff face that cuts through this scene are signs of geology in motion.

'Tree Rings' In A Crater On Mars

This feature could easily be mistaken for a tree stump with characteristic concentric rings.

Making A Splash In A Lava Sea On Mars

Volcanoes, impact craters, tectonic faults, river channels and a lava sea: a vast amount of information is captured in a relatively small area in this geologically rich new image from ESA's Mars Express.

Caltech researchers used the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to determine that surface water left salt minerals behind as recently as 2 billion years ago.

The team has made good progress implementing the initial recovery steps outlined in last week's blog.

New Curtin University research has confirmed the frequency of asteroid collisions that formed impact craters on Mars has been consistent over the past 600 million years.

A Greenwich Observatory On Mars

The crater in the center of this HiRISE image defines where zero longitude is on Mars, like the Greenwich Observatory does for the Earth.

After analyzing powdered rock samples collected from the surface of Mars by NASA's Curiosity rover, scientists today announced that several of the samples are rich in a type of carbon that on Earth is associated with biological processes.

This image shows a small light-toned exposure of rock on the plains of Terra Sirenum, in a heavily cratered region of the Southern Hemisphere of Mars.

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